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Access the Best of DeFi with Quadency Instant Swap

We recently shared insights on the rise of the DeFi tokens, but we could have also mentioned the Rise of the Decentralized Exchanges. When looking at the price surges of various DeFi tokens, you may notice it often happens first on decentralized exchanges, before their listing on the larger centralized exchanges.

So to help take your trading to the next level, you can now access top DEx's and DeFi tokens all within the Quadency terminal.

Introducing Quadency Instant Swap

Quadency's new Instant Swap feature allows users to swap any Ethereum blockchain based token, including assets like SUSHI, YFI, LINK, YAM, and more.

Empower your trades

Instant Swap helps you maintain full control of your total crypto investment portfolio, delivered at incredible speeds at the best rates.

Don't miss opportunities

New token listings on centralized exchanges follow availability on DEx's, creating a problem for traders: they can't access promising tokens early enough. But with Quadency's first-class Paraswap integration, traders can now buy assets earlier to surf the trends and maximize profit opportunities.

Control your assets

The non-custodial nature of DEx's empowers traders by allowing them to remain in control of their assets. No third-party has access to your assets at any time. Each swap is validated by on-chain smart-contracts, without an intermediary.

Improved Liquidity

While still small overall, DEx's have made major liquidity improvements to better compete with their centralized counterparts. With no intermediaries, DEX trading will continue to reduce transaction time with scale.

Swap with the best DeFi rates on Quadency

DeFi tokens can be difficult to understand, but Quadency's Paraswap integration via MetaMask makes it easy, secure, and seamless to access for all traders.

What are swaps?

Swaps allow you to conveniently and quickly exchange cryptocurrency pairs without manually moving funds to an exchange. Thanks to Instant Swap, all you need to do is connect your MetaMask wallet to Quadency, select the pair, and click swap.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a browser plugin that serves as an Ethereum wallet, allowing users to store ETH and other ERC-20 tokens. By connecting to Ethereum-based Dapps, users can trade on decentralized exchanges, and send + receive tokens without leaving their browser.

More about Paraswap

We chose Paraswap as our DEx aggregation partner to provide the best Instant Swap rates to our users. Here's why:

A top DEx aggregator

ParaSwap is focused on enabling access to the most popular Dex's, providing the best rates possible. By splitting orders across decentralized exchanges, traders place optimized and secure transactions.

Decentralized Apps (DApps) continue their rapid rise in popularity, and the Ethereum Blockchain hosts most of them. This network congestion has led to a rise in transaction fees, but Paraswap's unique usage of GasToken.io (GST2) allows them to maintain lower fees.

Swap from the best DEx's available

Powered by Paraswap, access the top decentralized exchanges all within Quadency:



The integration of Paraswap within the Quadency terminal brings access to Defi assets the moment they're available, even before listings on centralized exchanges. Now, you can swap instantly at the best rates without missing the latest trading opportunities.

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Disclaimer: contents of this article are for general market education and commentary and are not intended to serve as financial, investment, or any other type of advice.