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Friday Wrap-Up - Crypto Market Recap - January 14th, 2022

For a bear market, we sure are seeing a lot of price action and jaw-dropping news! This week in crypto proved to be an interesting mix of price reversals with dozens of major announcements hitting the crypto markets.

The Week in Crypto

  • The week’s start saw meme coins like BABYDOGE on fire, with crypto majors finally seeing some upward price action.
  • Bitcoin analysts say BTC movements may be signaling either a bottom, or a long accumulation phase that ends in 6 figures.
  • While NFTs were bleeding to start the week, news of mainstream companies pouring into NFTs, China's interest in NFTs, and a new OpenSea competitor helped trigger a reversal.
  • Bitcoin’s mining difficulty reached an ATH in January and surged on a Jack Dorsey mining announcement, signaling compounding network strength.
  • In the midst of major crypto market moves and news, the Fed doubled down on its vision to create a CBDC, which could also be a stablecoin.

Movers of the week

Top Gainers

Layer-2 projects, privacy coins, and exchange tokens had a strong week, with meme coin DOGE in the top five as well. The top 5 gainers were:

  1. NEAR +25.81%
  2. OMI+20.25%
  3. ONE (Harmony)+18.85%
  4. ONE (One) +16.96%.
  5. DOGE+14.51%

NEAR Reversal from Quadency Dashboard NEAR/USDT reversal

Top Losers

A few blockchain and trading protocol tokens along with a mix of altcoins rounded out the week’s worst performers:

  1. OHM -25.54%
  2. WAXE -22.66%
  3. RVN -21.35%
  4. LRCE -18.15%
  5. HNT -17.96%

RavencoinQuadencyChart-1Ravencoin downtrend

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Technical Summary

Recent volatility is churning up Ethereum's daily burn rate, which reached an ATH during a price jump this week. A surge in Ethereum-based DeFi activity and rising NFT volumes contributed to the upward trend.

The news of an official date for the Polygon London hardfork prompted a healthy surge in MATIC price on Wednesday. The EIP-1559 is set to have a positive effect on fees while bringing deflationary aspects to MATIC.

MATIC 5-Day Price Action on QuadencyMATIC 5-day Price Action

While many analysts are discussing Bitcoin bottoming out and Fidelity claiming that BTC is in an oversold position, a 10-year measurement of BTC HODL waves via onchain data suggests we are in a long accumulation phase and could remain there for a while before breaking into six figures.

HODLwavesSource: Into the Cryptoverse

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  • Opensea competitor LooksRare amassed $100 million in trading volume 24 hours into its launch. Read more.
  • CashApp announced its integration of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, bringing faster, cheaper, off-chain Bitcoin payments to its 36 million users. Read more.
  • Billionaire Bill Miller revealed this week that half of his net worth is in Bitcoin. Read more.
  • The Associated Press announced it is launching a journalistic NFT marketplace for photojournalism. Read more.
  • Crypto funds performed better than hedge funds in 2021, according to The Block. Read more.
  • Traders in China are warming up to NFT markets as Chinese regulators consider separating NFTs from crypto regulations. Learn more.
  • Fed Chairman Jerome Powell promised Congress a report on crypto would be out in a matter or weeks with a focus on a CBCD, but also suggested that a CBDC and a stablecoin may not be “mutually exclusive”. Learn more.
  • Jack Dorsey, Founder and CEO of Block, Inc. and former Twitter Founder is building a legal fund to support BTC developers and an “open Bitcoin mining system” that will decentralize mining. Read more on legal funds and mining.

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