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Russian Invades Ukraine, Volatility Heightens & Crypto Bear Awakens

Russia's invasion of Ukraine sparked global upheaval and markets responded with disarray. Tread carefully in markets as volatility and fear are dominating the economic landscape.

Crypto Market Summary

  • Russian aggression sent shockwaves through global economies.
  • Investors flighted to cash and commodities.
  • Chainalysis allegedly cracked Coinjoin mixer to help solve The DAO hack.
  • ETH Denver ended on strong note, but Buterin calls the bull market.

The Week in Crypto

The global community is coming to grips with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. With the crypto industry now facing a potential long-term bear market, it’s comforting to remember how OG innovators built all the way through bear markets of the past. Not only that, what they worked on (and are working on today) are potential solutions to bring global economic peace.

Primary Market Trends:

  • Russia invaded Ukraine, triggering most markets to plummet including a record-setting 50% drop in Russia's MOEX stock index.
  • DJIA Commodities index held steady despite market disruption as investors flocked to hard assets like gold and palladium.
  • Journalist Laura Shin published a book which allegedly outs 2016’s The DAO hacker with the help of Chainalysis’ mixer-deanonymizing technology.
  • ETH Denver concluded this week with DAOs being a major topic of interest as the event itself became a DAO.

Technical Summary


  • Bitcoin price has been under the 200-day moving average for over 50 days which under normal circumstances would signal a bottom.
  • If you zoom out and look at the 200-week moving average, we’re still seeing a gradual increase in BTC price.
200-Week BTC Moving Average Chart by Plan B


  • Almost all altcoins fell sharply this week and experienced a slight reversal by end-of-day Thursday.
  • Prior to the news of Russia’s aggression, Tether (USDT) dominance was ranging between 4.5% and 5.0%, which some analysts believe is a BTC (and thus altcoin) bottom signal.
  • On the news that stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) is building a substantial Bitcoin reserve, its parent blockchain TerraLuna (LUNA) managed to spike this week, finishing out at +29.86%.
LUNA_USDT_5_Day_ChartLUNA/USDT 5-Day Chart

During these uncertain and frightening times, it’s helpful to zoom out and not despair over short-term crypto losses. Try to remember the important things:

  • Find help to deal with anxiety or stress and leave the trading for later.
  • Hug your family and call your friends.
  • Do something to help someone.


  • NPR reported that Chinese Bitcoin miners are migrating to the US. Read more.
  • Coinbase earnings smashed Q4 predictions at $840 million, but shares dipped almost 6% after the earnings call. Read more.
  • Phishing attack targeted around 32 OpenSea users netting $1.7 in stolen NFTs.
    Read more.

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Spotlight On: TerraUSD (UST)

TerraUSD (UST) is a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin issued off the Terra blockchain. UST is a scalable, yield-bearing coin with its value pegged to USD.

Terra founders announced this week it had raised $1 billion through private token sales to build a Bitcoin reserve.

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Bot of the Week: DMAC

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  • A buy signal is indicated when the short-term moving average crosses above the long-term moving average.
  • A sell signal occurs when the profit target or stop-loss levels are reached, or when the short-term moving average crosses below the long-term moving average.
DMAC_Trading-BotDMAC Trading Bot

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