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Native Platform Tokens: Standout Performance of a Growing Sector

Native platform tokens, like the exchange tokens you see on many of today's vibrant crypto exchanges, bring an exciting new level of scale and growth to each platform. For crypto investors, that usually means more features, less fees, new ways to earn tokens, and better overall liquidity on the platform.

In this article, you’ll discover how leading native exchange tokens are integrating some innovative use cases that not only help the token and exchange perform well but also provide a better crypto trading experience.

What is a Native Platform Token?

  • Native Platform (or exchange) tokens are cryptocurrencies that are native to one exchange or platform.
  • They allow you premium services like lower fees, earn staking rewards, or have early access to new tokens on launchpads.
  • Platform tokens like QUAD offer users these services and more for actively participating in the growth of the upcoming Quadency Exchange.

Recent Market Trends with Popular Crypto Exchanges

While native exchange tokens started out as a way to offer reduced trading fees and promote liquidity, a lot has changed since the early days. So we’re going to walk you through how platform tokens have evolved and why they are out-performing their tiers, while growing rapidly.

To start, let’s take a pulse on crypto exchange trends in the current trading environment:

  • Binance Exchange (home of native platform token BNB) has the highest exchange token ROI and recently pulled in $131 billion in 24/hour trading.
  • A number of crypto exchanges with their own tokens are on target to earn billions in revenue for 2021.
  • Most leading exchanges now have a native platform token to help expand their products and grow their userbase.

The highly competitive environment around crypto platforms is forcing exchanges to be better than the other guy - and native tokens give them many ways to do just that!

Exchange Token Success Stories

Let’s dig in a little and review a few of crypto’s most successful native platform tokens.

  • Binance has led the native platform token surge by making BNB a top crypto performer and valued digital asset. Traders on Binance can use BNB for multiple utilities and benefits, from investing on Binance Launchpad to credit card rewards.
  • FTX, with its native platform token FTT, has crept to the top five ranking in global crypto exchanges in just two years. One unique benefit provided by FTT is waived network withdrawal fees on Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.
  • OKEx Exchange introduced its OKB exchange token to create more benefits for its decentralized platform. Users save 40% on trading fees and can participate in launchpad token sales when using OKB tokens.

Tokenomics - How Exchange Tokens benefit users and exchanges

Native exchange tokens empower investors through platform-wide fee discounts and new services such as staking. In some cases, users also gain the chance to participate in the growth of the platforms they trade on through governance and voting. Together, these elements help improve overall liquidity by creating instant utility for the exchange tokens. At the same time, deflationary token burning systems help to ensure long term token viability.


QUAD Token: An Opportunity to Grow with Quadency

The Quadency trading platform has already built and implemented a proven business model and created top tier partnerships in the crypto space. Since 2018, Quadency has been a favorite among traders who want easy access to all their crypto assets in one sleek interface, with easy-to-use trading bots at their fingertips.

For the next phase of Quadency’s (r)evolution, the new QUAD Native Platform Token is now available for when the Quadency Exchange goes live in early 2022.
Eligible Quadency users can participate in the QUAD Airdrop and/or the upcoming QUAD Token Sale.

QUAD Native Platform Token: Utility and Liquidity:

  • With QUAD, Quadency will no longer requires paid subscriptions, isntead offering a pay-per-use model on non-Quadency exchanges. With robust exchange API connections, Quadency traders will enjoy real time data and lower fees.
  • Staking QUAD provides you an opportunity to earn yield, while improving token value dynamics.
  • Liquidy mining pools provided for Quadency’s community market makers, ensuring a high-performing order book.

Benefits of Quadency’s Native Platform Token Model

  • Allows investors to pay less for strategic trading automation
  • Higher referral commissions, paid out faster
  • Drive faster growth of new features, like the upcoming Strategies Marketplace.


Native platform tokens once were simply exchange tokens that provided reduced trading fees for traders on an exchange. We've seen these tokens evolve tremendously in the last few years to add dozens of new user benefits. In the highly competitive trading platform environment, the exchange token has the power to add liquidity, increase trading activity, and provide brand new crypto trading discounts and opportunities.

The QUAD native token infuses a mix of new features, discounts, and rewards to bring a new level of functionality and savings for Quadency users.

Quadency is a cryptocurrency portfolio management platform that aggregates digital asset exchanges into one easy-to-use interface for traders and investors of all skill levels. Users access simplified automated bot strategies and a 360 portfolio view with a free account.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for general market education and commentary and are not intended to serve as financial, investment, or any other type of advice.