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VC’s Continue to Fund the Metaverse as DeFi Majors Reemerge

Venture capitalists and investors are backing early stage Metaverse and Web3 projects as they flight from inflation-fatigued stocks and capitalize on better-priced investments.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin continued its volatile ways and hype around the Ethereum merge began to pick up speed. Mainstay DeFi tokens like AAVE, UNI, COMP, and SUSHI surged this week after surviving two solid months of “thinning” since the Terra ecosystem fell in early May and sparked a liquidation domino effect.

At a glance...

  • Funds are flowing into Metaverse and Web3 startups
  • DeFi tokens that survived the crypto shakeup took off
  • Polygon (MATIC) selected for Disney’s Accelerator program
  • Upbit backer wants to create 10,000 Web3 jobs

Top Market Trends:

  • Aave liquidity protocol announced it will launch $GHO, a native, decentralized, collateral-backed stablecoin that is pegged to USD.
  • Disney selected Polygon and 4 other startups for its Accelerator program focusing on NFTs, AR, and AI development.
  • Upbit backer Dunamu is investing $380 million in Web3 startups and creating 10,000 jobs in the sector.
  • VC Multicoin raised $430 million for investing in early stage Web3 infrastructure, DAOs, and creator monetization. Some of their earlier investments have included Ethereum, FTX, and Solana.

Movers and Shakers

Top 7-day Gainers:

  1. QNT +65.8%
  2. LDO +59.1%
  3. AAVE +28.3%
  4. MATIC +23.1%
  5. UNI +20.6%

Top 7-day Losers:

  1. 10SET -19.7%
  2. EVMOS -18.0%
  3. BAT -12.7%
  4. USTC -11.8%
  5. DOGE -10.6%

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Technical Summary

Bitcoin Pulse
Bitcoin (BTC) settled into a volatile version of sideways action just as the number of total Bitcoin addresses hit 1 billion this week. The market cap for BTC fell below its realized cap (minted coins x current BTC price). The last two times this occurred was during market bottoms in December 2018 and March 2020.

  • The Lightning Network’s Bitcoin Layer-2 protocol hit a milestone this week, with capacity reaching an ATH.
  • Bitcoin “Shrimps” are buying more BTC than ever at a current rate of 60,460 Bitcoin per month.
  • The New York Yankees will leverage NYDIG to offer players the option to get partially paid in Bitcoin.

Short-term BTC TA

Bitcoin's 20MA crossed over the 200MA, which could be bullish on the short term as BTC is trading in an ascending channel.

Bitcoin_Short_Term_ChartBitcoin trading in an ascending channel

The next target could be the $21,600 resistance line while this could be invalitaded if BTC fails to break through $21k.

Long-term BTC TA
On the Bitcoin macro, we are far from a Golden Cross (when the 50 EMA crosses over the 200 EMA).

Bitcoin_Macro_ChartBTC is far from a Golden Cross

Currently, we are deep into a bear market territory. It'll either take serious upward price movement or time before we are out of it.

Altcoins on the Move
Overall altcoin markets were trending down until a minor Thursday evening spike. DeFi protocols that survived the 2022 shakeout dominated the gainers over 7 days with AAVE, UNI, COMP, CURVE DAO, and SUSHI out front.

  • STEPN announced it raked in $122.5 million in profits from Q2 platform fees.
  • Dogecoin (DOGE) payments are now accepted by AMC, the biggest movie theater chain in the US.
  • Ethereum’s merge to a PoS blockchain is beginning to feel real, as developers continue to successfully test the EVM’s transition.

Altcoin Technical Analysis - Ethereum

Ethereum was up 12% over the last 24 hours as it seems to be heading towards a month-long resistance level around $1,300.

Bitcoin_Short_Term_ChartETH-USDT Fibonacci Retracement

Looking at the Fibonacci Speed Retracement Fan, we can see that ETH is trying to break through the 0.618 line, which coincides with the horizontal support.


  • Bitcoin core welcomed Gloria Zhao, its first (known) female Bitcoin protocol engineer. She is the 6th developer to have commit access to Bitcoin Core.
  • In NFTs, Gamestop’s NFT marketplace brought in under $2 million in sales on its opening day, Snapchat is adding NFTs as AR filters, and OpenSea laid off 20% of its staff.
  • Uniswap liquidity providers became the victims of a phishing airdrop scheme, losing a total of $8 million in Ethereum.

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