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How to Set Up a Bitcoin Day Trading Bot for Free

A Bitcoin day trading bot allows investors to execute trades automatically to try and capitalize on Bitcoin’s short-term price swings. With BTC’s market cap well over $700 billion, it has become the gold standard of cryptocurrency and represents half of the industry’s daily turnover. Naturally, day traders will want to use the best Bitcoin day trading bot available.

Quadency gives traders easy access to multiple crypto investment bot strategies that feature robust high-performance and connectivity with several trading platforms at once. Follow the steps below to quickly get started.

Quickly Set Up your
Bitcoin Day Trading Bot

  1. Login to your Quadency dashboard, or reate a new account.
  2. Connect an exchange.
  3. Enter your exchange API.
  4. Select your preferred automated strategies.
  5. Configure your parameters.
  6. Run a backtest.
  7. Start Live.

Let's walk you through the simple process of setting up an automated Bitcoin day trading bot right from your Quadency dashboard.

Login or Create Your Account

To get started simply create an account. Or, if you’ve already created one, log in to get your bot strategy in motion.

Connect An Exchange

Once you’ve logged into Quadency, choose from a list of trusted crypto exchanges and select which exchange(s) you want connected to your Bitcoin day trading bot.


Whether you choose to go with AAX, Binance, OKEX, or any other of Quadency’s official partners, be on the lookout for “Offer Details” that provide additional benefits and free Quadency Pro offers.

Enter Your Exchange API

Next, enter your exchange’s application programming interface (API). Exchange APIs function as a reliable way for systems to interact with each other. Bitcoin trading platforms leverage APIs to connect and retrieve data from linked accounts. Check this article to learn more about trading APIs.


Quadency provides one of the best bitcoin day trading bot platforms. You can enter your exchange or wallet API key to gain a unified experience with cross platform portfolio analytics and advanced charting. functionality

For each partner exchange, Quadency provides an easy step-by-step guide for connecting your exchange.

Select Automated Trading Strategies

Once you're ready with your API connected, you can choose an automated strategy. Quadency offers various types of easy-to-configure bots:

  • Indicator-based bots to take advantage of both technical analysis and high-frequency trading, such as MACD or Bollinger Bands
  • Trading-strategy-based bots which automate popular trading strategies such as Accumulator (DCA), Market Making, or Grid Trading.
  • Fully customizable bots like TradingView and Strategy coder.

Additional strategies are available at Quadency, so be sure to check out their complete list of automated trading bots.

Configure Parameters for Your Bitcoin Day Trading Bot

You are now ready to configure your parameters to define the conditions, circumstances, and operations of your Bitcoin day trading automations. To start, you are asked to specify your General Settings, these are the same for all the bots:

  • Configuration name
  • Selected exchange
  • Market Pair
  • Starting capital

Then, you’ll be asked to specify the Strategy Settings of your bots. These are specific to each bot. On indicator-based bots you’ll have to select your candlestick timeframe. Depending on your trading strategy, you may even be asked to outline MACD specific indicator values, like slow, fast, and signal periods.

Run a Backtest

You’ve set up your trading bot and set the parameters. Now it’s time to test it out before getting started with real capital. Quadency guides traders on how to run a backtest with their Bitcoin day trading bot. The backtest will allow you to see how well your strategy would have performed in the past.


With this report, you can readily analyze your total return, ending capital, and profit loss. Running a backtest is incredibly important when starting out with automated bitcoin bots.

The easy way to set up an automated Bitcoin day trading bot

At Quadency, it only takes a few steps to set up a Bitcoin day trading bot. You can create your customized automated trading strategy by choosing from the multiple bots available. With strategies for all experience levels and a simple way to test your automated trades before going live, traders can experience enterprise-grade automations and strategies built for the cryptocurrency industry.

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