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Elevating Your Crypto Trading Game

Whether you’re new to trading digital assets, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between, there’s always more to learn when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Even through our relentless push forward in bringing Quadency's crypto portfolio management tools to market, our team dedicates time to enriching our knowledge and keeping a close eye on market developments.

We also understand that there’s no shortage of educational resources out there and that it can be hard to find guidance specific to your skill level or know which information to trust. Starting out, investors may simply be overwhelmed with all the disparate sources available.

They say knowledge is power. And in the case of crypto traders, that “power” we’re all looking for is the ability to beat market volatility. Tracking markets and technical analysis are clearly important but will only get you so far. Through our research we’ve learned that the most effective crypto traders not only follow market news and leverage advanced analysis tools, but also have a fundamental understanding of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large.

So, in the spirit of our mission to enable Quadency users to be the best traders they can be, we’d like to help you enrich your knowledge.

Now before building Quadency (and during to be honest), everyone on our team has played the role of ‘that crypto friend’ in our personal networks - fielding questions ranging from “So, what exactly is a bitcoin?” to “Can classic technical analysis be effectively applied to the cryptocurreny markets?”

While we are always happy to give our 2 satoshis, we have undoubtedly referred anyone interested in learning more to one of our favorite resources for exploring crypto fundamentals:


Curated by Jameson Lopp, an infrastructure engineer and crypto thought leader, it’s an incredibly comprehensive list of educational resources on not just bitcoin, but the overall cryptocurrency industry. Whether you’re a noob or an advanced technical trader, you’ll find something to suit your needs – with links to guides, videos, courses, podcasts, news, and more.

While this should get you started, stay tuned for more from the Quadency team as we’ll be bringing you plenty of our own guides and tips in the coming months.

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