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Bitcoin Hodlers Take Control of Their BTC as Sentiment Craters

The Crypto Week in Summary

Low sentiment permeated crypto markets this week as Bitcoin hit a record monthly low. Contention grew between whales and exchanges as they tried to cover liquidation losses stemming from a months-long crypto contagion that kicked off with TerraUSD.

At a Glance...

  • Crypto transactions of any amount may soon need KYC in Europe
  • Exchanges make moves to survive liquidations
  • Grayscale pushes back against SEC’s spot ETF rejection
  • Compass Mining CEO and CFO resign amid allegations

Top Market Trends:

  • The EU will require crypto asset service providers (CASPs) to collect data on transactions of any amount, if new legislation is passed.
  • Grayscale’s latest application for a spot Bitcoin ETF was rejected, spurring them to sue the SEC.
  • In exchange news, Voyager Digital received a strategic investment of 15,000 BTC from Alameda esearch; CoinFlex issued a token sale representing a crypto whale’s debt; and FTX was close to signing a $25 million buyout deal with BlockFi, which a year ago was valued at $4.8 billion.
  • Thorchain (RUNE) introduced a KYC-free fiat onramp for buying $100k or less in Bitcoin through a Swiss provider and available to 172 countries.

Movers and Shakers

Top 7-day Gainers:
UST +397.1%
OMT +10.1%
10SET +10.1%
SAND +7.7%
AMP +5.8%

Top 7-day Losers:
SNX -30.0%
WAVES -20.4%
ZEC -19.8%
BSV -19.3%
AAVE -18.3%

Technical Summary

Bitcoin Pulse
Sadly, this week saw the kind of record we’d rather not acknowledge: the lowest monthly candle ever in Bitcoin’s history, down almost 40%. BTC dipped below $19k mid week but gave a little pump on Thursday evening, ending the week up 1.2%. $2 billion more in Bitcoin left exchanges this week, as diamond handers reached peak uncertainty relating to centralized exchanges and pending regulations.

Technical Analysis:

Short-term BTC:

2 Hour Bitcoin Chart

Since the recent June 30th BTC price movement, we can start noticing the price moving in a pattern similar to a symmetrical triangle. This triangle may be the movement for the next two weeks, but keep an eye out for the breakout - it can go both ways.

Long-term BTC:

1 Week Bitcoin Chart

On the macro, Bitcoin is in a rare position. After this week's sell-off, June has officially closed with a record-breaking lowest-ever monthly RSI. Meanwhile, support seems to be hovering around the 2017 ATH, give or take a few percentages.

Altcoins on the Move

Ethereum (ETH) addresses with .01 ETH or more reached an ATH of 23.3 million, while 11.5% of Ethereum’s total supply is now stored in ETH 2.0, worth over $25 billion. 32% of that ETH is staked by Lido, the largest ETH 2.0 staking pool, causing some concern in the Ethereum community.

In other altcoins:

  • Tether (USDT) saw its biggest token burn ever.
  • Optimism’s (OP) TVL doubled
  • CEL price continued to soar despite frozen withdrawals and the platform exploring bankruptcy options.

Technical Analysis

1 Day Solana Chart

Solana is in an ascending triangle, which is a bullish pattern. The ascending triangle, with the current price at support with decreasing volume, may lead to some exciting price movement. Because as we see accumulation increase, the price has a good probability of moving upwards. If this is the case and scenario, it may be time to pull out the "Market Maker" bot.

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  • Axie Infinity reopened the Ronin bridge three months after a $625 million exploit, having completed 3 audits.
  • Solana Labs announced it was building a Web3 Android mobile phone, Saga, which will become available in 2023.
  • Horizon, Harmony’s cross-chain bridge to Ethereum, was exploited for close to $100 million.
  • Compass Mining came under fire this week for allegedly not paying a $1.2 million power bill in a Maine mining facility. Compass denied all allegations but the CEO and CFO resigned immediately. A suit by Compass against the facility was filed a week prior.

Spotlight on: STEPN (GMT)

We took an in-depth look at STEPN’s Move-to-Earn lifestyle app to give traders an objective, thorough look at the fundamentals and tokenomics of this trending project.

  • People can buy an NFT sneaker, track their walks and runs to earn tokens, and reduce carbon emissions.
  • STEPN uses a dual token system with GMT and GST, with multiple burn mechanisms and inflation controls.
STEPN_Price_EvolutionPrice history & events for STEPN (GMT)

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