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Quadency Joins the Dash FastPass Network

We are excited to announce Quadency's participation in the FastPass Network - alongside industry leaders like Coinbase Pro, Liquid, and Kucoin - to empower Dash investors all over the world.

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Introducing FastPass

The FastPass Network recognizes partners that provide an enhanced user experience within the Dash trading ecosystem via unique services or integrating features like InstantSend and ChainLocks. FastPass takes advantage of these Dash features across exchanges and platforms to enable unparalleled trading experiences, such as the ability to deposit and withdraw in seconds or minutes, instead of hours or more.

”dash-fastpass-speed-quadency” Rapidly move value between connected services to take advantage of optimal market conditions for any asset on supported exchange platforms.

”dash-fastpass-security-quadency” Reposition your assets for secure overnight storage off exchange platforms without needing to wait for lengthy repositioning processes each morning.

”dash-fastpass-agility-quadency”Outmaneuver other traders with the speed of Dash. Whatever your trading strategy, FastPass helps you efficiently position your trades ahead of the crowd.

”dash-fastpass-diversity-quadency”Choose from a wide range of partners across the Dash and FastPass network. Find services to match your strategy and trading experience.

The FastPass Network encompasses everything from the purchase, trading and storage of DASH. Beyond partners like Quadency, the network also includes participation from industry leaders like Messari and Galaxy Digital with services that cover OTC, custody, analytics, lending, and staking. Access the full list of network participants here.

Take advantage of FastPass with Quadency

Quadency is at the intersection of services that make up the FastPass network and we have some exciting initiatives in the works for Dash traders. In the meantime, you can start trading smarter today with Quadency and our growing library of pre-built automation strategies.

Want to stack more Dash? Try the Accumulator bot to leverage a dollar-cost-average strategy to periodically buy Dash over time.
Experience easy-to-use, sophistication: From novice to experienced trader that relies on technical indicators, Quadency has you covered. You can Trade the Grid, or even become a Dash Market Maker. Have more advanced needs? Use the TradingView bot to turn signals into trades in seconds.
Trade Dash on multiple exchanges: Quadency is more than just automation. You can also trade manually and switch exchanges in just a click.
Access exclusive features and discounts: Coming Soon!

Learn more about Dash

Launched in 2014 with an initial focus on privacy and payments, Dash has evolved to offer instant and near-free borderless transactions for traders - a feature made possible thanks to its Masternode Network.

Transferring crypto can take from a few minutes to even hours pending the confirmation time of a transaction. To solve this challenge, Dash came up with InstantSend: a transaction is broadcasted to the network, one of ten Masternodes is randomly selected, after which funds are locked as pending in a fraction of a second to prevent a double-spend dilemma. This allows transactions to be finalized in just seconds!


We are thrilled to join FastPass with the mission of empowering Dash investors all over the world, and have some exciting offers specifically for FastPass in the works. But with fellow partners like Kucoin and Liquid already offering free Quadency Pro accounts, Dash traders are in good hands - no matter where they trade.

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Disclaimer: contents of this article are for general market education and commentary and are not intended to serve as financial, investment, or any other type of advice.

Manish Kataria

Manish Kataria

Co-founder Manish Kataria leads Quadency's growth efforts with expertise spanning digital business strategy, innovation, customer experience, marketing, and analytics.

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