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Quadency Trading Insights: Top Strategies, June 2020

With more traders than ever automating their strategies with Quadency's growing bot library, we're excited to begin sharing emerging usage trends with the community.

When combined with our partner network of exchanges that reflect the diversity of our global user base, those trends can paint a unique picture of how the larger retail market is trading overall.

So today we'll break down the TOP 3 automated strategies used by Quadency traders in June:

  1. Bollinger Bands
  2. Grid Trader
  3. MACD

Boillinger Bands


Traders use Bollinger Bands to predict price action and find more profitable trade opportunities. This algorithm places a sell order when the price is above the upper band and a buy order when it is below the lower band. As shown in the chart above, while this strategy was profitable for much of June, most of the profitable trades happened during a “Bollinger Squeeze”.

Grid Trader (Pro only)


Many users turned to our Grid Trader algorithm to find profit opportunites within the volitlity. Grid Trader allows our users to take advantage of even slight daily markets fluctuations without the use of technical analysis. As shown above, June offered ideal periods for grid trading efficiency. From June 12th to 25th, BTC/USDT was in a trading-range of about 3%, with traders taking advantage of all 20 grids.



MACD, used to find short-term and long-term price momentum, was also popular this month. Signals are created by “lines crossover” (see arrows in the chart above) or when both lines cross the zero line (white line). As seen on the ETH/USDT chart, a strong bullish signal was generated June 21st, after a few false positives. The signal was confirmed a few hours later (last buy signal).


While this brief overview was based on the Top 3, honorable mentions go to Market Maker Plus and TradingView, which trailed closely behind. The TradingView bot was a more recent launch, but Market Maker Plus has continued to remain a popular strategy for any market condition.

As we release new strategies, we'll also be releasing associated trends and insights each month, so keep on the lookout!

Disclaimer: contents of this article are for general market education and commentary and are not intended to serve as financial, investment, or any other type of advice.