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Quadency Partners with AAX to Unlock the Potential of Crypto Trading

AAX is on a mission to help you unlock the potential of your crypto assets with cutting edge new features unmatched in the digital asset space.

Now you can unlock the potential of your crypto trading using Quadency's growing library of automated strategies on AAX - FREE!

A reliable exchange

AAX is the first digital asset exchange to be powered by LSEG Technology’s Millennium matching engine. By operating LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange, AAX can handle deep liquidity and process large order volumes at speeds comparable to first-tier capital markets.
Launched in 2019, AAX has quickly grown to offer over 50 pairs while operating 24/7 with no outages to establish true reliability for crypto trading.

AAX supports over 20 types of fiat on-ramp from its OTC and Fast Buy features, making it easy for anyone to start investing in crypto quickly and safely. The platform also boasts high leverage futures trading and various savings products offering higher than industry average returns.

Plus, keep an eye on AAX’s campaign page where you'll find new trading competitions all the time with additional opportunities to win big rewards.


Take advantage of the AAB Token

The native utility token AAB is fully integrated into the AAX experience and allows you to unlock special rewards + soon to be released features. AAB is the primary currency for settlement on the platform with holders enjoying 50% off on all trading fees.

Sign-up for AAX and claim your $100 bonus

To celebrate this new partnership, we're offering a $100 reward for new AAX sign-ups on top of your free access to all Quadency Pro features. See bonus terms.


Get the edge you need with your FREE Quadency Pro upgrade:

  • Access Pro-only bots like the Grid Trader and Market Maker Plus
  • Run 100 backtests per day and up to 10 live bots at once
  • Priority email and live chat support
  • Access to Futures trading (coming soon!)

Earn rewards trading the Grid

  • The Grid Trader places a grid of buy/sell orders close to the market price.
  • As the price goes up and down within a few minutes, the Grid Trader replaces buy order with sell orders and vice-versa.
  • The smaller the distance between the grid lines is, the higher the trading frequency will be, and the trading volume too.
  • Traders profit from the market volatility by catching the slightest price movement.

Earn rewards becoming a Market Maker

  • A Maker is a firm or individual who places orders on both sides of the order book, simultaneously.
  • Traders make profits by completing as many buy/sell rounds as possible.
  • Bonus: Makers enjoy lower fees on AAX.

Learn more about the Market Maker Plus and the Grid Trader.

As usual, be sure to join us on Telegram, Reddit and Twitter!

$100 bonus offer terms & conditions

Is there a deadline to claim the offer?
Update: AAX has extended this promotion to January 2021! Simply create your new account, and follow the necessary steps by January 31st 2021 to claim your bonus rewards.

Are there restrictions on what trading volume counts towards my bonus?
Bonus rewards are based only on your filled/executed trading volume from Quadency on your connected AAX account during the promotion period above. This means any volume on your margin or futures accounts on AAX does not qualify.

Any additional requirements to claim a bonus?
*You must deposit and maintain an active balance of at least $500 USD & complete KYC1 of your new AAX account during the promotion period to claim your bonus payment.

When will the bonus rewards be distributed?
Connecting your new AAX account to Quadency via API will automatically activate your free Pro plan. Quadency will deposit qualifying bonus rewards directly to your AAX wallet and contact recipients to process payments on the following schedule:
Bonuses earned through October: week of Nov 16th
Bonuses earned in November: week of Dec 7th
Bonuses earned in December: week of Jan 4th
Bonuses earned in January: week of February 1st

Have more questions?
Any additional terms relevant to this offer can be found in the FAQ section of the main AAX promotion page.

Any cheating behavior like malicious registration, trading or multi-accounting will be disqualified; AAX reserves the right to final interpretation; for any additional terms & conditions, please visit AAX