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QUADX Hybrid Exchange Enters Internal Testing Phase - Massive Updates to Follow

The next generation of crypto exchange has entered the room. Quadency is currently running internal testing on the QUADX native exchange while preparing the release of multiple updates and product upgrades. Soon, a shortlisted group of users will gain access to QUADX in their Quadency account with the public launch to follow.

What is QUADX?

QUADX is the native crypto asset exchange for Quadency and is where CEX and DEX trading come together for the best UX in crypto. QUADX features:

  • An instant Buy/Sell option for leading crypto assets, including Bitcoin and QUAD.
  • Multi-faceted liquidity strategy for best prices, all the time.
  • Minimal-click trades for an effortless user experience.

With internal testing on QUADX now underway, look for upcoming announcements for news of the official launch. But that's not all, the team has much more for you.

QUADX Releases & Platform Upgrades

As QUADX goes live, the Quadency team will also be releasing the following platform updates to make the crypto trading experience even better:

  • A new tier structure for bot fees and QUADX fees, plus new perks - all based on QUAD holdings and staking amounts.
  • QUAD-based incentive programs via Quadency Earn, including locked staking for more rewards, and to the delight of our community, the highly anticipated QUAD airdrop.
  • An upgraded dashboard, featuring an instant Buy/Sell feature, a new coin profile section in the markets tab, an improved onboarding flow for new users with helpful video tutorials.
  • Updated trading bots for improved reliability on your automated strategies.
  • More exchanges supported for enhanced 360° portfolio monitoring.

Before the launch of QUADX, we are also proceeding to consolidate the two QUAD pools available on Sushi. The liquidity from the QUAD/ETH pool will be moved to the QUAD/USDC pool for higher quility liquidity and a better trading experience. We already invite you to provide liquidity to earn additional rewards through our QUAD Liquidity Rewards program.

Next up for Quadency & QUADX

After the release, there will be continuous development of QUADX to add advanced trading and limit orders, even better liquidity for better pricing, and more user experience upgrades. You’ll also be hearing about other releases on the horizon:

  • New Referral Program
  • Sign-up Bonuses
  • More trading bot improvements

You'll hear more in the coming days and weeks, stay tuned!

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