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5 Key Features of the Best Crypto Trading Bots

Automated crypto trading bots allow traders to try and maximize their gains in volatile crypto markets by using the latest trends and real-time data. Bot platforms like Quadency allow traders to quickly set up and monitor trading bots for multiple exchanges and wallets in one easy-to-use interface. But before selecting the best crypto bot for you, read on to learn the top 5 features to look for when beginning your automation strategy.


Learn more about each of these five top features of the best trading automation platforms below:

24/7 Automated Trading Strategy Design

Professional crypto trading platforms allow you to leverage smart indicators, interactions, and patterns to engineer an automated investment strategy that works 24/7. Investors may use automated bots to make smarter, faster, more informed investment decisions for swing, trend, or day trading.

Quadency gives traders access to comprehensive design capabilities for building automated strategies, such as:

  • Integrating a simple bot like Accumulator to build up digital assets over time.
  • Utilizing Smart Orders to automate long and short trade positions.
  • Building a scalping strategy with Market Maker bots or Grid Trading.
  • Customize your Trading View to automate trades using custom signals.

Multi-Exchange Support & Partnerships

There are dozens of trading platforms out there. But when it comes to partnerships, only a few have developed a strong bond with trusted industry leaders. Look for those with a deep well of partners that include the top cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.


As Quadency traders know, this functionality allows you to deploy automated crypto bot strategies on various exchanges all in one convenient interface. As a bonus, you can access some platforms for free through Quadency’s exchange partnerships.

Portfolio Analytics

Powerful and secure crypto trading automation platforms feature robust portfolio analytics to effectively monitor and track all of your crypto assets. Traders can check on their automated bot strategies by viewing:

  • Asset allocations
  • Real-time and historical performance breakdown
  • Profit & Loss Statement

When portfolio analytics are available, digital assets investors may be able to mitigate portfolio risk, streamline automated processes, and get access to better data quality. Naturally, this makes it easier to evaluate forecasted earnings, growth, and potential for your holdings.

Institutional, Enterprise-Grade Digital Security

Crypto trading bots reinforce the investor’s defense systems with institutional, enterprise-grade digital security. Investors look to trading automation platforms to provide state-of-the-art security features, including:

  • Providing automated trading bots that take extra precautions to encrypt your sensitive personal and financial data.
  • Enabling up-to-date transaction confirmations, which are key in automatically tracking your investment habits.

Quadency’s security features help protect the investor’s assets and privacy, maintain data integrity, and support compliance. Enterprise-grade security is essential when creating your automated trading investment strategy.

Trailing Stop Loss Configuration

It’s important to consider trailing stop losses when searching for an automated crypto trading bot. Trailing refers to how the stop follows you as your investment’s value changes.


Crypto trading bots with the trailing stop-loss feature help traders minimize volatile movements in their portfolios. Using them also allows investors to control the maximum percentage of value loss that can be incurred on a trade.


These are the top 5 automation features of the best crypto trading bots. Be sure to follow the points highlighted below as you delve into crypto markets to select the best cryptocurrency trading automation platforms for you:

  • Comprehensive strategy design capabilities
  • Multi-platform support with top crypto exchanges
  • Real-time portfolio analytics 24/7
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Trailing stop losses

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