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Introducing True 360 Crypto Portfolio Monitoring with Quadency Wallet Connect

Every trader knows managing your portfolio can be a complex task. Fragmented assets and interfaces across exchanges, cold wallets, online wallets don't make it easier.

There had to be a better way for active crypto investors to see their entire portfolio - so we teamed up with our friends at Zabo to introduce Quadency's newest feature: Wallet Connect.

Manage all your assets from one place

One of the most exciting elements of the crypto ecosystem is that investors have real power in choosing where to store their assets. This generally leads to fragmentation of portfolios across their preferred exchanges, online wallets like Metamask, and hardware wallets like Trezor. But thanks to this exciting new feature, say goodbye to manual portfolio tracking forever!

This was a much anticipated update, I'm sure Quadency users will be thrilled. Through our private and secure integration with Zabo, automatic tracking of holdings from all kinds of wallets is now only a few clicks away.
- Rosh Singh, Co-founder and CEO, Quadency

Monitor your favorite wallets

In addition to the 13 exchanges already supported for trading, Wallet Connect supports 21 wallets and accounts for portfolio monitoring- with more in the works!


Portfolio management made easy

Whether your assets are on an exchange for trading, in Metamask to access DeFi or in your Ledger for long-term secure storage, you can now track them all in Quadency automatically.

The best part - it only takes a minute!

  1. Simply ADD ACCOUNT from your Portfolio or Dashboard
  2. Select Wallet Connect, and the wallet you wish to connect
  3. Follow the steps indicated in the popup

That's it - your wallet is now connected to Quadency and your additional accounts are visible in your Portfolio & Dashboard views. For more information on how to connect your favorite wallet, click here.

Bonus offer

To celebrate the launch of Quadency Wallet Connect, we're offering a one-time 25% discount off any upgrade - with your 1st month FREE! View details.

Quadency + Zabo: Portfolio Tracking Done Right

This exclusive feature was made possible by our strategic partnership with industry leader Zabo, the 'plaid of crypto.'

Quadency and Zabo share a vision of a more unified - and simplified - investing experience. While Quadency focuses on trading with our own universal API for crypto investors, Zabo is dedicated to bringing all cryptocurrency wallets and apps into a single API.

We're really excited to partner with Quadency to bring crypto trading and portfolio management into one seamless experience for users. Plan, trade and track - all in one place.
- Alex Treece, Co-founder and President, Zabo

It doesn't stop here

We're excited for this first step, but there's much more ahead! Here's what you can expect next on Quadency:

  • Trade history and transaction tracking to see your real-time PnL across wallet assets
  • Additional wallets and exchange accounts for automatic tracking
  • Ability to send transactions between connections, regardless of wallet type: mobile, web, hardware, and self-custodial.

More about Zabo

Zabo launched in September 2019 and recently completed a $2.5M fundraise to tackle a critical piece of crypto infrastructure: the fragmentation of accounts, wallets and protocols. Partners like Quadency leverage their API for connecting users to crypto exchanges, wallets, and protocols.

Quadency is a cryptocurrency portfolio management platform that aggregates digital asset exchanges into one easy-to-use interface for traders and investors of all skill levels. Users access simplified automated bot strategies and a 360 portfolio view with a free account.

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